last night when reached home,i did not see my brownie..
so i thought that he might be at the kitchen play with my mum.
i was about to enter the house main door then i saw my mum ran to me and said that my brownie was sick..

its kind a weird because yesterday morning he hype active and ran around the house.
so i ask my mum where is he right now.. and my mum show me where he hide himself..
so sad when i look at him...
he only move his tale few second and continue his sleep..
he look like very weak...

then last night bring brownie to clinic.
pity him when the doctor inject him twice.
bring him back and put him at one corner then he continue his sleep..
usually he will ate 3 times in one time that means in one day he will eat 6-9 times per day...
but yesterday he did not eat anything,
keep on vomit...

this morning i play with him for a while before went to work.
he seem like a bit ok this morning..
hope he will be ok when i reach home after work later..
need to buy milk 4 him later..

poor my brownie..


Puteh said...

kesian brownie..
harap dia cpat sembuh.
rasenyer brownie nk ader teman kott...
mcm my cat dlu pon sakitm ncn xbermaya..
spending sehari dengan dia. den tmrow dia ok. hype mcm biase..

sheila said...

hehe..dah sihat dah dia..semalam lepas balik kerja, sampai je dkt rumah dah nampak dia depan gate..
hepi sungguh..pg ni pulak dia hype active..habis kasut dia ambil n gigit..hehe