farewell dinner

today have farewell dinner with haq, leas and amar..the others cannot come so that make only the 4 of us..
the 4 of us decide to eat at sate kajang but unfortunately the place were full
so we all decide to eat at D'mamak corner..

we all spent the precious night by talking and laughing together
its was really fun and enjoyable...
anyway haq..thanks you very much for arranging the farewell dinner
really appreciate it...

so after final exam will see u guys again then..
lets chill out together and hope this time, the other can join..


sunnysideup said...

but did you invite them or not ?

Helas木村 said...

haiz.. x jemput heheh

sheila said...

sir...the one that still here of course i told them... :)


sunnysideup said...

ya lah ... whatever lah. Wait till I organize a proper farewell do ... it won;t be a selected invitees , but a total gathering !

sheila said...

haq mention about it last minute so not all of our class can come..leas and me thought that it was cancel cause no news about it and until the day itself then we know..before that did ask the other to come and qierah say cannot n no transport, min working, mau and inui going back to johor n sarawak, hashim going back to kedah,mizi, amar say he tired after joining some seminar(i dun know what seminar)dun bother to ask also...so only left the three of us..

haq also mention to his class but he say majority can't come because of some financial problem and some are working..

oh ya...its not selected invitees by the way...

all of them are invited, i guess its not a good timing..